Digital Marketing Guide For Healthcare Professionals

Digital Marketing Guide For Healthcare Professionals

If you are planning to set up a health care practice, It can be hard to know where to target your efforts on achieving your health care business goals. When you feel like this, just take a step back and plan for your health care marketing. Read the complete guide for creating your digital marketing strategy for getting more patients. 

Steps for Creating a healthcare marketing plan:

  1. Define your target audience
  2. Develop your business website
  3. Build Search Engine Optimization Strategy
  4. Invest in social media marketing
  5. Generate New Patients Reviews 
  6. Generate Leads through PPC
  7. Start Creating Videos for Educate Your Patients

You know that you can’t move forward if you don’t know your current situation. You should figure out your current strengths and weaknesses. A health care marketing plan includes SMART business goals and vision, skill and marketing tools to achieve these goals.

Step of Digital Marketing for Doctors/Hospitals

Define your target audience

You want your healthcare digital marketing but first, you should prepare a mission statement for your healthcare business according to your buyer persona (Buyer persona is your expected future customer, in this case, it will be your future patients). You must know your target patients including their demographics, location and wellness habits.

Claim Your Google Business Listing

A Google business listing on Google is a standard, and more importantly free, service provided by Google to all businesses throughout the US, UK,  India & other regions. It is a tool available for the general public to find information about local services. 

If your business doesn’t currently have a listing on google, It is time for you to go and claim your business listing and fill in appropriate information and get verified form the most powerful tool of your business.

Develop your business website

In the era of digitalisation, having a professional website for health care experts not only safeguard and enhance your reputation but play a key role in your future practice. A recent study shows almost 60% of patients are reviewing their doctor profile before visiting their hospital/clinics. Surprisingly almost 80% of doctors use social media sites but 60% use it in a professional way and an abysmal 15% of doctors have their websites. 

A website shines the limelight on doctors and you can show your academic qualification, skills and achievements throughout your career. When a patient’s visit your well-structured website, it not only inspires the patient’s confidence but also sets the record straight in case where there is misinformation about him or his practice. You can increase your visibility, promote your brand and improve your conversion through websites and you can hire a website development company.

Build Search Engine Optimization Strategy

If you want to attract more patients, enhance your online reputation, your website and your Google listing need to be in front of your future patients while they are searching for your services. Do you know?  72% of the patients check online before reaching a doctor & to be successful, you have to be on the top of google search results. This will marginally increase the chances of potential patients booking an appointment with you and becoming repeat patients.

The benefits of SEO for Medical Practices

  • Increase online traffic, increase the chance of attracting potential customers.
  • With effective SEO. You can spend less on acquiring new patients.
  • Rank higher for treatment and condition focus keywords
  • Potential customers trust Google; they believe that medical practices that feature on top are more trustable.
  • Capture competitors’ website traffic
  • Get new customer without paid ads
  • Medical practitioners can gain a reputation as industry leaders.
  • Leads provided by SEO are better qualified than other marketing.

Accomplishing top SEO ranking for doctors is a procedure, not a one-time setup. It takes time and patience. If you’d like assistance improving your practice’s online visibility and SEO for doctors, You can hire SEO expert for your business.

Invest in social media marketing

You know that everyone likes to get information about personal health and social media is a very popular marketing channel for reading and sharing some awesome stuff. When you regularly share some knowledgeable stuff on social media, you can build your following and trust within your community.

Facebook & Instagram have 3.45 billion, Pinterest has 478 million users, Twitter has 330 million users and LinkedIn has 756 million users, these data shows when you are active on social media, you can increase online visibility larger than traditional marketing. 

Social Media channels are an effective medium for creating a dialogue with followers. For getting more conversions with potential patients, patients always use content to teach, inform and update. When you converse with your followers, your practice looks more and more like a trusted source of medical care.

Generate New Patients Reviews

When you are searching for a restaurant in your area, which restaurant you will prefer most. One is having only 20 google reviews and top on the rank and other 200 reviews and top on google rank. I know that literally, you preferred the second option.

Reviews are the most important signals for google ranking and growing your business and building trust in your potential customer. These reviews help patients learn more about your practices and increase your search engine ranking. 

Generate Leads through PPC

PPC is the short form of Pay-Per-Click. PPC can transform your business model. PPC includes google ads, Social Media Ads, Microsoft Advertising. Using PPC you can instantly get patient leads and ROI (Return on Investment). PPC allows you to advertise your services and your website at the very top of the search engine by paying for this placement. You can see the impact of your PPC efforts almost immediately and it provides instant traffic and leads to your business. 

Start Creating Videos for Educate Your Patients

Video marketing is an opportunity to impress your potential patients and convince them to book appointments with your website. Patients generally follow the journey of awareness, education, action, appointment and retention. 

First Understand the funnels of patient acquisition and start creating videos to educate your patients. When you create videos to educate, explain and communicate complex concepts with your patients, it can increase patient’s understanding of what their action need to take.  From video, you can get more visitors to your website, social media pages and in this way you can get appointments/leads for your business.

Getting Started:

Your competition is getting more attention and more patients by using smarter techniques. The strategies above will help you decide if digital marketing is right for you. Once you are ready to build a plan, It’s important you have the right partner. Request a free consultation so you can fill out this form.